I need help with a body report system

So in my Among Us game, I have a body report system, that only shows for the imposter, the overlay scope is all player, any ideas on what is wrong


What is the issue?

The overlay isn’t showing for everyone.

In my map, I made an item drop when someone is killed. Then, when someone picked the item up, the meeting started. I would try to use that.

I tried, it didn’t work

Use an IIM and when it is picked up, do something for the player, and use an all other players relay to repeat it for everyone else.

Anyways, this will help with your situation @Coffee

Put everyone in a room and vote the imposter user out is how it should work

As for that, I tried it, and It didn’t work, the thing about the game overlay, you can pick up the body, and then not report it, or pick it up, then drop it, and then report the body and spam teleport everybody, so I need to find or make a system that when the button is pressed, it deletes all bodys

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So, what’s the main problem? Do you have an idea what may be wrong?

Not a clue, I have tried everything, I think

Game overlay (button) → relay (all players) → item granter?

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Well with the whole “overlay all player” thing, I usually don’t do that and instead use a relay and wire that to the overlay

I made another guide here

Just use a trigger with 0.01 delay that triggers itself and every time it goes to a checker to check whether the player has the item, to constantly check. When it passes, call meeting and remove item with item granter.