Make a popup appear when somebody gets an item

I’m working on among us in gimkit, and I want to know how to make it that when somebody recieves an item a popup shows.

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that didn’t help i need it when somebody recieves an item a popup shows

you were silent for a while

what do you mean i was silent?

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Is it with an item granter? If so wire the item granter to the popup and I think you can make it so [Item Granted- Open Popup]

No, that is the right way. it has a repeating pulse genererator and a checker. that is all there is to it. Just wire the popup to the checker so when check passes open popup

yeah it is with item granter

So couldn’t you just make the wires [Item Granted- Open Popup] ?

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this is the first time you posted and you joined november 18th

so ive been testing it like 6 times and there have been sometimes it shows the popup for both people even though its so supposed to show one it only happens once in a while can you troubleshoot?

yeah i made an account but not post because i dont like guest and i was just seeing some guides

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Sure, could you show me the wires? (Just incase you did something wrong) Let me test it out on my end.

Also another question, do you want the players to just be able to get the item or should they be able to buy it?

they get the item from a dead body drop for among us

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Alr, ok let me test it out on my end. Thanks!

Wait, so the impostor gets the item?

no, whoever finds the body

the item is the body