How to make a Button that will Teleport Everyone [2/10 or 🟩 ]

I am aware that @Tom has already created this guide, and credits to him for doing the first one:

This is a great guide, however it tells everyone to go to the table for the emergency meeting, while the guide I’m making will teleport everyone to the table. Ok, lets get started!
This first part is similar to what @Tom did, but with a few added things.
Place down a button and make it transmit on the channel “emergency meeting”.
Next, make it Active on Game Start, When button pressed, transmit on to “emergency meeting”, deactivate button when receiving on to the channel “emergency meeting”, and make the Active Scope to player. It should look like this:

This will make it so it deactives for the player after being pressed, so the player can only press it once.
Alright, next we will make it so it teleports all players to the table.
Place down a relay device. You shouldn’t have to change the settings for it. Connect a wire from the button to the relay, and make it Button Pressed → Trigger Relay.
Then place a teleporter in the spot that you will want players to teleport to (ideally around the button table).
The only thing you should have to change is make the teleporter Not Visible In-Game.
Then connect a wire from the relay to the teleporter, making it Relay Trigger → Teleport player here.
That should be it for the Emergency Meeting! This will teleport all players to the table when one presses the button.
Now some optional steps:

Optional Step 1

If you wanted the players to teleport around the table instead of all in one spot, do this step:
Get rid of the wire from the relay to the teleporter. Make the teleporter at the table group “emergency table”.
Now copy it and put multiple around the table.
Next, put down another teleporter. Make it Not Visible In-Game, and make the target the “emergency table” group.
Then connect a wire from the relay to the one teleporter that teleports to emergency table group. Make it Relay Trigger → Teleport player to target.
It should look like this now:

This will make it so players teleport to the different teleporters around the table!

Optional Step 2

If you want to make a notification to pop up telling players that someone called the emergency meeting, do this step.
Place down the notification device, put whatever you want in the Notification Content, and put “emergency meeting” in the Send Notification when Receiving on spot. Also make sure the Notification Sends to Everyone.


That should be it but…
If you want the notification to include the player’s name that called the meeting, do this step. Wow, an optional step inside an optional step!
Make an block that activates When Receiving on Channel “emergency meeting”.

Make it look like this:
Screenshot 2023-06-23 08.50.17
And that will put the player who called the meeting in the notification!

I hope this guide was helpful, and have fun!


This is very helpful! Great job!


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Really nice guide, good job at giving credit!





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Thank you! Nice guide. This was very helpful!
You could add the difficulty of the guide on a scale of 10 also, like X/10.


You can put buttons around the table and make them invisible, and get another button that doesn’t do anything and put it in the middle. Then it looks like the actual game.


This guide can be used in other applications other than Among Us. An example is teleporting everyone from one place to another. Another application is making a warp-zone that warps everyone.


This is AMAZING! It works so well!


Sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much, glad it helped!


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