I need help.. this time on a new map I'm thinking of tho lol (Resolved)

So basically I’m thinking of making a Among Us Map as CLOSE as possible to the real game can i get some ideas and tutorials lol I want that you can call meetings etc like i said AS CLOSE pls write your ideas below.

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Look at this for help with meetings. How to Make an Emergency Meeting in Among Us!

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@wingwave Thank You so much


You’re welcome. This is what I do!

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You can also look at this to help with the wire task

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Im making a flag waypoint and i’ve already asked for help but it STILL doesnt work
so, i have two questions, either of which can be answered (preferably both)

  1. What does a flag waypoint look like when it’s correctly made?
  2. How, step by step (hopefully with pictures), do you get the waypoint to what it’s supposed to look like when 1. is answered?

i cant make a topic because i already maxed out on the # of topics

Is this for capture the flag?

What do you mean by a flag waypoint?

it is for ctf

i mean what its like in normal ctf
with a meter that says something like “72 m away” or something like that
is it possible?

I’m working on it, please hold on for a little bit…

I don’t think you can. The Game Overlay only lets you track items. Sorry, but if I see anything, I’ll alert you.

ok thanks!
extra characters

set these settings on the waypoint (change the color/name to ur liking)

what will the waypoint even do?

…track the flag…
kinda obvious

yes well why wont it work then
can you take a picture of it working so i can see?
because i’ve been trying for like 2 hours

my account keeps saying i maxed out my number of replies

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Wow… the first time anyone has recommended a post of mine! Thank you so much @wingwave and @Quehcueh

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Haha i didnt do anythibg but yw :slight_smile:

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how about this [ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for Among Us

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I think you figured it out by now. it has already been a month :smiley: :sunglasses: