I NEED help so pls help :)

I need to know some upgrade ideas for a farmchain game AND how to do the upgrade

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more seeds or more money upgrader would that help

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how would I do the money upgrades? if u know put it in simple terms and post pictures

i dont know i just thought it might help sorry

oh that’s ok
it still helped

money multiplier? extra speed, discounts?

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ooh discounts sounds good, I think I know how I could do that. But do u know how to do the others u mentioned?

mabey you could put some bots and they get money for that if they nok out them

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Grow weapons then there can be a fight area to gain money or something?
You can grow weapons with a keycard, seed, and water?

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link cash to a property with a inventory item manager.

block code to multiply. (i’m tired right now.)

extra speed just use a speed modifier and vending machine. If you want to make it t for everyone use a relay.

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when/if u want to could u post some images?

Place down an inventory item manager. Make it link to cash.

Link the inventory item manager to the property, lets call it, Cash.

Place a number property down called Cash.

k I understand that part now
so when u mean cash do you mean item granter? and when u said

could you simplify that? I’m not the best with blocks bc I’ve never really used them.

(sorry if this is kinda annoying)

so, math block. Make it equations block.

do get property and cash in the left, and them multiplier in the right. So like 1.1x.

I can’t explain it in my head, but you could ask someone else. I’m really tired lol

and nah this isn’t annoying it’s fine. If I can help, I’ll help.
hold up, let me go into gimkit right now

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maybe try using the crafting table and if you dont know how to use that look for help on it

Ok. Here you go.

So basically, you got the inventory item manager part, right?

This is the set up for the multiplier. You don’t have to put it at at 1.1, which is 10% increase, but you can change it to your liking. Pretty sure it works when you do the sell. So basically, after they sold everything, do this next.

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This has some stuff about it.


is this good?
Screenshot 2024-04-18 8.35.26 PM

Also, you said

when u said link did you mean use wires? bc if you did I cant start a wire at an inventory item manager.

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No, I meant it like with channels lol. (also the trigger block code too when you sell stuff don’t forget)

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