Capture the flag poll #2

What should I add for a capture the flag jail?

  • More complicated jail
  • Jail that has health
  • Jail waypoint
  • Deactivating jail
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What is this for?!?! You never said anything!

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It is for their Capture the flag game…its in the title.

so is this like a jail capture the flag?

But they still didn’t really say anything after that

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PLUS, they made the first one 30 MINUTES AGO!

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I agree with Car189. In many topics that are just OP “asking” the community for ideas, the OP fails to provide any details about existing features, photos, devices, or sub-themes for their map. They just plop down an major idea and let the community fill in the rest of the details, almost as if OP has done zero work themselves.

This is the epitome of laziness.


BRO DON"T BLAME ME I had to do this in like 1 min

It is your fault for being impatient and making a post “in like 1 min” rather than saving your post as a draft and expanding upon it later.

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