I need help please help me please

@WolfTechnology can you help me please create something

Sure, what do you want me to make?

a red light green light game but no host button and if they move on red they die

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host button? what do you mean? and for the kill system you would need to have zones or triggers that if activated after a certain time they die, but that is a bit complex.

you know when some people create a red light green light there is someone push the 2 buttons for red light, and the green light but you cant help…?

I can but to make it to where you can track movement is quite hard in GKC. But it is possible, I have to take a biology test right now but I will help you when I am finished, for now you can use this guide to help you get it started.

@WolfTechnology No host button so Im gonna wait for you ok

@WolfTechnology ping me when you are done

Ok I am here, and a host button is the only clear, well working way to make this type of system. Just randomize who gets to be the host button person, so not always the main game host.

@WolfTechnology Oh I thought that you dont have to have a host button

No, as of right now that is needed, but maybe in the future. Can you post the c0de on the WIX?

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@WolfTechnology How to make randomizer 🟧

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