I need help on vending machines

How do I do where you can buy speed modifier and also buy energy generator

When you purchase from the energy generator vending machine, start a repeater that repeats every 7 seconds, and when it runs a task, grant the player 120 energy.

uh can i do icons on the vending machine to make it look like you are actually buying speed??

Yes, icons/ Speed

Oh ok also I can’t find some of the stuff in blocks for the speed one like the first block saying set speed where do i find it??? I’m not a block specialist lol

Yeah the block that says set speed how do i get that?

I’m talking about placing icons on vending machines because that doesnt work :confused:

Those are properties and variables. Here, I’ll just give you an easier method:

Place a numerical property called “Speed” which should be 1 by default.

Create a variable called “speed”.
Set variable [speed] to (get property) [speed]
Change [speed] by 1
Set property [speed] to [speed]
broadcast message on channel (create text with) [speed][ (get property) [speed]

Ok Thanks i will try this now!!

If this works please mark @mysz answer as the solution.

Uhm actually i figured out the next one but how do i put the number by this:
Screenshot 2023-09-05 120622
like how do i add that Number 1 after the equal sign lol that’s all i needa know

Go to “Math”, place down the “0” block, and change it to “1”.

@mysz Ok I’ve finished all the blocks now what do i Do??

I just have the trigger and the vending machine now

Wire the vending machine to da trigger

Ok i did that what settings do i put now

Nothing, test it out.

Uh I mean like do i put Item purchased>activate trigger or smt??


item purchased → trigger