I need help on vending machines

doesnt work cuz i am not going faster

Do this

yep i did that doesnt work

Then, I don’t know what’s wrong…

Do you have a speed modifier that sets the player to a faster speed when receiving on channel “speed1”, and then “speed2”?

Oh wait nope i didnt know i had to do that

idk it doesnt look like it works still :confused:

block code images please?

Oki doki here they are
Screenshot 2023-09-05 130249

How about you do

broadcast message on channel (create text with) [speed] [(get property) speed]
Did you check if speed was a numerical property?

Uh idk really anything abt blocks

Click on the property “speed” (the orange device).

OH Ok and make it numerical??

what should the default value be?

anyone @mysz @RandomKid @WolfTechnology ??? What should the default value be for the property

Default value for the property… well it dependes on how fast you want the speed, the higher the property the faster the speed, if I am correct. Code is not much my thing but I am learning it.

Someone please answer Lol I need this to be finished by Tomorrow so-

Ok well Ig i’ll set it to 5??

Yeah it doesnt work this thing is useless ._.

I am sorry, but its not usless, just complicated. There is a difference.