I need help on how to make a mcdonald sign?

I need help. how do i make my own mcdonald sign?
and also need some ideas for what the mcdonald should have in it.

Just use a text box with a good-looking font and color it in and enlarge it.

I guess use this and put a pole on it


Holy cheese there’s actually a guide on that???


And for some ideas, some tables, people, and a menu inside would look good, and a cooking interior

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Yeah, maybe this will help also?
How to make a working kitchen ( Difficulty 2/10 or :green_square:)
It’s only the refrigerator though.

I used sand for the M and plastic for the red and dark marble for the pole

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I panicked when I saw this lol…

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I know—that was predictable.

I wouldn’t actually say that, y’know.

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no thats not how you do it

tHe fIrSt lEtTeR iS aLwAyS lOwErCaSe


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How is this?
Screenshot (92)

A bit off centered, but looks really nice!

That’s the way the sign looks. Look it up. The words are not centered. Update: I think mine is the logo on the bags and not the sign.

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