How to make McDonald's Logo (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

First of all, credit to @shinyrowlet for the idea and the text.

Now, let’s begin!

Place a metal sign, the biggest one. Tint it red.

Now, get a text device, make it yellow, size it 144, font Galindo.

Copy the text, make the new one black, and put it as a shadow behind the yellow.

Now, make a small white text that cuts across the M, like this:

You’re done now! I hope you like this!


OMG OMG! I was given credit! (slowly pulls out Disney+ Frozen Sing A-Long) For the first time in forever… Also great guide! Nice shadows for the M!


:rofl: Well You’re welcome

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Nice guide @Blizzy, I will definetly use the shadow technique.

It was my technique btw, started using it in this topic:
Show me your 3D terrain/Layered Art!

Sorry, but I will still use it…

Yeah, I credited him. It’s him, right? I’m a girl, and most people think I’m a boy. So idk

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Ya’ll can use it, you can credit me if you want, but don’t have to.

I’m a him. Not a she, and not a they/them. I am very homophobic!

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It’s the golden arch!!!


Nice art guide!

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That should be the new Mcdonalds sign it looks better than the old and new one irl

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For the people who’s going to put this in their map:

Make a ripoff version of McDonalds, and use blizzy’s guide but instead of the M, just use something else like

Captain Underpants Epic Mcdonalds Walmart Wish Dot Com Shopping Cart School Escape Battle Royale Gimkit Blooket Kahoot Deluxe Version Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper

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What… the heathens! XD what did you just say

It’s a good restraunt! They serve you…Meals. Normal ones. I promise.


mmmm okay I will believe that…