I need help on a freeze tag map

I used his guide and then it didn’t work please help me.

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This should be able to help you.
What isn’t working?

i can give yall the gimkit link to help me i

help me on the one that i did I don’t want to restart

What part isn’t working?

so how can u help me

We can direct you through replies on here. What part of your system isn’t working?

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idk what is not working but i did all of the things and it will not work

Can you send a screenshot of your setup?

yes one sec

welcome to the forums @nolan!

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thats one part then here is the next

this is the guide i used

can anybody help me please

Hmm. Do you have the tag zones in the same place?

This guide should be better now that we have checkpoints.

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Welcome to the forums @nolan