The Corallian Freeze Tag 2/10 or 🟩

Before, freeze tag used complex methods, but now, with the addition of checkpoints, everything is easy!

Firstly, place down a zone device, and a checkpoint device. The checkpoint´s settings should match this.

Wire the zone to the checkpoint.

Now, all around your map, make a bunch of these! (Checkpoints have a 256 limit, try to make zones bigger to get around this, but not so big!

That took a while! But now, add a tag zone with these settings
Now get a speed modifier device! Set the device´s speed to zero.
Now wire it

Now when a player gets tagged, they are frozen!
Now add a team switcher device, it switches to a specific team, which is Team 3
Wire that to the tag zone now.

Now add another tag zone with the same settings, however the tagging team is team 3.
Now get the speed modifier, and make it be set to 1.00 speed
Now wire it so that when the player gets a tag it is set to that speed, and now place a team switcher, it switches to team 1, wire it to the tag zone so when the player tags someone, they get switched to team 1.

Thats all the basic rules of freeze tag, look at other guides for upgrades and more!
This is my last guide… I’m leaving the forums, probably for forever. This is not my final map though
But for now, Coral Out :coral:


Welcome back! Can’t you just set the respawn on tag to off and then make that set the player’s speed to 0?


grid snap would help a lot here
and what getrithekd said

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but then tagging wouldnt work to unfreeze

Oh yeah!!!

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Nice guide! Good to see you have returned!

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thats so sad. i hope you enjoy it though!


(Insert Luke Skywalker saying NOOOOOO) please don’t leave!


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This is an amazing guide for an amazing person/coral that deserves so much respect. Farewell :saluting_face: I didn’t get to know you much, but you’re guides were awesome.
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