I need help making an Aztecs style temple

please post guides or other stuff you think would help

Go to the solution, it will help, I hope, lol.

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it sorta works but i was hoping for something bigger

I’m betting you’ll have to use a ton of stone columns.

use this guide if you want to make traps in it

oh my god… NOOOOOO. that was in my weird descriptive phase… :sob:
i talked like an ai… :sob: :sob: :sob:


Maybe just expand on it.


we’ve all gone through that… (a weird phase)


you can use stone wall props to make the stairs and colliums to make the pillars, as for the roof just user barriers tinted or wooden signs tinted dark grey.


just want a really big 1
were i can put a weapon

and have and inside were i can put traps and stuff

like a spike trap i saw in a guide