I need help in Gimkit Creative!

I am trying to make a Gimkit gamemode, but I have come across the issue. My game is about a zombie apocalypse, kind of like Snowy Survival. But the twist is, the survivors can gather resources (dynamic to the number of players) and make a snowball cannon to kill the zombies and win the game. The idea is that every player can contribute to a huge resource collection, and everyone can deposit resources. When all the necessary resources are gathered, each player will be handed a snowball cannon to kill the zombies and win the game.
The problem I am facing is how to make a depositing section, where everyone’s deposit would be calculated and included. Can anyone help me?

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Make sure to check out the forum-beginners and forum-tips tag!

The Community Made Guides category is also very useful! The posts there give you a gist of the rules and mechanics in Gimkit Creative!

I suggest also reading the TOS and FAQ!


I think this works for one item:

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I mean if you used this: How to Create a Bank with a Deposit/Withdrawal System | Difficulty: 🟨
and just did it for every item you need to get the item then it could work. Like use a counter to increase when you add the item, then item granter when the counters get to the target value.
Hope this helped!

Welcome to the forums, @JiemongPingPong !
Use the guide linked below if you need help!

Welcome to the forum, @JiemongPingPong! I hope we can all be of some help in the future.

Is there a way to know how many of the [resource] and set a “If there is 10 resource in bank, activate this”

You might be able to utilize a counter device and set a target value that will transmit on a channel when reached. Does that help?

If u have any other GKC questions, feel free to check out my Gimkit blog here. This is on topic btw because it’s about Gimkit and I’m offering help.

Thank you so much! I’ll try it out! (I love the Gimkit community, so wholesome!)

No problem, @JiemongPingPong . If u check out my blog and try the chat box, just say what your GKC forum username is.

Another question, is it possible to make the targeted amount for the counter dynamic to the amount of players? Ex: When there are two players then 20, 3 players 30, 4 players 40.

Yes, I think so

This should help:

If I know how many players there are, how do I make the number of resources required change accordingly?

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You know you could just write a bunch of different letters under and then use < and > on either side. If you have a cap.
Ummm, IDK let me try something out.

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What do you mean by “just write a bunch of different letters under and then use < and > on either side?”

Like < jaskadkajdakdakdjkajdka > but without the spaces inbetween < and the letter, try it out, it works

So I write some random letters, in the “targeted number” section of a counter surrounded by “<>” these things?


Oh, sorry. I don’t mean to advertise - I just mean to help people more and I can’t be on the forum as much as I can be on my blog.