I need a wee bit of help lads

I need help with the channel deal cuz idk how to do it, can someone pls teach me thank you

Please elaborate.

Channels are used to send signals to another device without using wires. They have their own cons and pros.

They also don’t use memory, which is nice

As in I am new to map creating and I need help understanding how to use/make the channels

Here is a guide that can help when using channels The guide you can use

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@Gimkitboi welcome to the forums! we’re glad to have you here!
to answer your question, channels are very similar to wires, (assuming that you know how to use them) and they don’t require any memory!
here are some guides that may help you understand further:

I need help with this

what are you trying to get the teleporter to do?

Teleport to a new location

How da heck do you even obtain a channel or is it not an item

Are you using a button to teleport?

No, it’s not an item.

No, I am useing the teleport device

I mean what exactly are you using to teleport the person? Another teleporter or a button?

like i said before, channels are just like wires.
think of it this way:
the ‘teleport here’ channel would be the ‘teleport player’ part of the wire.
the channel is the thing it would broadcast on, for example:
if i wanted a button to activate when a trigger is triggered, the channels would look like the following:
activate button when receiving on: (any channel name)
When triggered, transmit on: (same channel name as above.)
remember, channels can be named anything, (although its recommended to name them something to do with the situation, so it stays organized.)

Tysm guys, one other qq, how do you make speech appear?

what do you mean?
like an npc speaking?

kinda… example is if you tp somewhere text pops up

ah, i see
that can be done with the pop-up device.

and how would one trigger that device and using what