I need a new thumbnail for my Fortnite gimkit map (Voting thumbnails on March, 20th)

I need some people that are like artists to make me a thumbnail for my Fortnite map because I just put a trash image on it and left it that way…


can you fill out this format?

Thumbnail format



Background:(just find a picture or describe it)

other details:

It will have the stash gim, chomps gim, and the half way glass full gim, fighting in a battle royal. With a grass background and some trees, and also make them have like quantum portals or evil eyes stuff like that. Then have the Text “GimNite”. Is that all you need?

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I fell asleep so sorry I didn’t reply. It was pretty late for me but I’ll work on it after school!

Hello,i was wondering if i could help to?

One of my thumbnails made for someone


I think they want a gimnite (fortnite) thumbnail

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Oh ok

I did make this when i was bored


I got you, but I might have to do it after school, and just so you know I can probably work on it around 5:00.


I can barely see the T in Gimnite. Maybe you could change the text?


Ok I’m back so yeah yours is good morpeko but you can barely see the T and the M looks like a N. But overall it’s great!

Pretty cool but could you make a GimNite/Fortnite version of that?


Wayyyy better, but can we add like the bonesy gim with a gun like quantum portal? Hopefully this isn’t to much to ask?

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Nono, its ok, tho im glad u like this cause this is my first time using this kind of style, I usually make the background myself :sweat:

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I can do it for you just give me more information!

Some of my work:

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Cool, I left a list of things I want for it up at the top.

I think the only problems are the T and the M also but overall that is an awesome thumbnail.


Ty! Tho i already made the better version: still makn some other stuff tho