I need a game idea :D

yeah thats cool

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An escape room! An escape room would be a new & unique thing on Gimkit!


i love your enthusiasm!
welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Maybe a Mario Kart map? I’ve been working on one myself.

i second that

I third that.

Oh no… Here we go again.
I fourth that.

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I fifth that.

I sixth that.

yay i started another one!
i should put it on my profile 'the counter
(i seventh it)

I eighth that

I first that this is off-topic…


That was smooth.

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I remember when GimAI was useful and hadn’t been shut due to it’s aggressiveness.

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Can’t believe no one’s welcomed the welcomer yet…
Well I’ll be the first!
Welcome to the community!

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i second that but wow i never thought of welcoming the welcomer

I will third that and I wish the AI was here, even if just for the ratings.

awwwwww yessssssssssss
love you people xxxxx

I fourth that!!

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