I made a car model now what do I do?

use this to help w/ animation How to make animation easily!

Text device, also theres probably a hack for custom images, but DO NOT USE IT!

A hack for custom images? Can you elaborate?

Im just guessing😅

But I’m really curious… I know custom images are totally possible, its the premise of my biggest completed project and the two projects I’m working on. Just curious if you had a different idea :slight_smile:

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A dot/square emoji for each pixel? Maybe plug in some script into it?

Yeah, that is the fundamental idea behind my graphing calculator.

So you would need like 500 dots for an actual image?
Also, I’m sorry if it’s 5 AM lol.

400 dots for a 20x20 board, but you can save memory by making each line of pixels be a text object that generates its dots

in terrain?

Text objects with black and white square emojis.

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Yeah, you might have to hack to efficiently make it generate what you want. Like a plugin sort of thing.

No hacking needed- just hyper optimized block code

People would love a upload image button plugin…

Yep, and there are plans to add custom media, the gimkit team needs to find a way to moderate uploads or something.

I think someone on Github already made some sort of plugin on that, lemme check.

Why do you censor names of other sites?

Maybe not…