I made a car model now what do I do?

Pls I just need to make it move around

Is the model made out of props or terrain? If it’s out of props, then you would make multiple cars, and have them all deactivate on a channel, and use a repeater use concatenation to activate the car in the frame we want, and increase the frame number. There is also a guide on animation.

It’s made out of barriers

So that’s basically the same as a prop, based on what we want, so it would still work.

Oh… there is not currently a way to move props/terrain/devices in gimkit creative.
Conceptually, it would be excessively confusing for newer users.

Is it possible to make your character into a prop

No, sorry. There are no ways to input custom images.
Heres the documentation for premade ones for vending machines and such.:

Well… you can make your image into an emoji and put it into a text device.

How would I make something an emoji?

I don’t know. I’ve only heard about it.

use this to help w/ animation How to make animation easily!

Text device, also theres probably a hack for custom images, but DO NOT USE IT!

A hack for custom images? Can you elaborate?

Im just guessing😅

But I’m really curious… I know custom images are totally possible, its the premise of my biggest completed project and the two projects I’m working on. Just curious if you had a different idea :slight_smile:

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A dot/square emoji for each pixel? Maybe plug in some script into it?

Yeah, that is the fundamental idea behind my graphing calculator.

So you would need like 500 dots for an actual image?
Also, I’m sorry if it’s 5 AM lol.