I know some people have asked this

i want it so that when a counter is the highest, teleport player here, and i tried a bunch of guides on this, but they didn’t really help since i have 8 things to vote on

So you’ve tried ALL of the voting guides?
You will have to use the counters to all update a different property and use block code to compare the properties.

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could you possibly give me an image, since there was one that was the best, but it didn’t show the entire block code, so i got confused

which guide was it? I can tell you what it was but i gtg to bed soon so…

yea same here as well

The way to make a voting system in general. (Aaren’s method)

i noticed another and block

well I think I can help

i gtg to bed rn, gn you guys

i’ll see what i can do tomorrow

Is this correct your trying to have it when the player name counter thing reach the highest it teleports the player to a area when I know how it would work it but It’s kind of complicated

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I think you just didn’t see it correctly. From my POV it looks fine.

you have it were if the counter reaches # any sort of number it has it where if none other reaches the limit it teleprts the player there but if other counter reach that limit it would cancel it
if that makes sense

For memory wise uh it depends on how many players you want in it if over 9 well it at least like 27 counters needed i’m guessing

voting I never going to be cheap in memory

Or you could just have it show the results and then have who ever has the most vote’s just walks to a zone that responds them

The Magentian Version of Voting (Difficulty, :yellow_square:)
i’ve used this and it works

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you can also use encoding. that takes lots of properties but not too much memory.
edit: Shade, another new and cool PFP!

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