I have tried, failed, and have now given up. How does one fish?

In Gimkit games, such as Fishing Frenzy, Farmchain, and Snowy Survival, there is a rng factor. How would I make this in my Gimkit Creative?

Like randomize fishing?

there could be a guide have you looked

Try this guide
How to make a Fishtopia fishing system (:green_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

I’ll check it out. I won’t mark as a solution on the chance it isn’t a solution.

I understand. I will try and find another guide if this one doesn’t work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe you could use invisible buttons?

To make invisible buttons press the button and scroll down and you’ll see something that says visible in game and change it to no.
Screenshot 2024-02-29 113709
I hope this is useful (No offence if you already know how to do this.)

Then again, as soon as the players find an op one, they’d just use that one.

No offence taken. :fox_face: :grin: :fox_face:

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Isnt there a way to set a property to be a random number? like in block code or something. I feel like that would be pretty simple, then have granters set to give something (a fish) if the property equaled a certain number.

EXAMPLE: When you do whatever to start fishing, push a button next to water or something, then the property “fish” is set to a random number 1 to 1000. Then a granter to give a gray fish that says grant one gray fish if “fish” <0 and >501. There now if it is from 1 to 500 you will get a gray fish. Then another granter that says give one purple fish if “fish” <500 and >701 then there you get a purple fish. but a smaller chance than the gray fish. maybe for gimfish it could be if “fish” = 1000, only if it is 1000 will you get gimfish

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How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)
this is classic randomizer guide…you can expand from this to fit your needs for fishing and other uses or to do fishing and other uses at same time…like random damage boost found from a radioactive item.
or a old medkit…etc.

Oh yeah! I remember there being a random factor somewhere!

I hope this helps you, JarryFlorg!

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If your mostly good at devices and you want to stay in your comfort zone, then you do you but that is another way to do it too!

Quick question, how do you change your profile picture?

press your picture at the top and go to the little person at the bottom
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right at the side

Hope that helps! :black_cat: :heart:

I read the guide. I then ignored the guide to make my own method.

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