I cant dend the code

how can somone try out my new map and tell me how to fix the teleiport

Please don’t send codes.

why i just want somone to try out my map

Codes may cause clutter and spam. We know you don’t have any ill intentions but that’s just the rule here. Edit it out please or delete it.

Also, welcome to the forum!

As for your teleport issue, can you elaborate please? If you’re saying you don’t know how to use teleporters, check this:

(btw, can you delete the code please? Someone might flag you if you don’t)

sorry, i’m new here and how can people joi,n my map if i can’t send codes or links??

You can post them here or discord:

Or, you can ask for help on the forum and people can tell you how to do certain mechanics or fix bugs.

(if you consider this the solution to your problem, mark it as the solution)

is this the gimkit community?

it is the Gimkit community @kase and welcome to it. :wave: If you need help, contact me, the regulars, the others on this forum, and/or the moderators(mods.) use this guide if you run into words to words/acronyms that aren’t commonly used in the outside world.

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