I am making a sky based game but I can't find a sky-like background terrain

Is anyone able to help?

Try using the ice terrain.

Will do

There is no ice terrain.

Use circular barriers for clouds.

I think he meant the frozen pond/lake terrain.

They might add sky when they add dld mechanics…

I just need a sky underneath.

The frozen pond terrain.

what about white water for clouds and blue water for sky?

I’ve already tried.

You could also use the water (white terrain) and layer them since they are one of the few terrain that have animations.
Try tinting them aswell.

oops didnt saw legobuilder say it first

Well then I would have to do that for the whole map multiple times, but I will try it.

Look at these posts, they might help aswell.

something like this (obviously needs improving but something in this area)

Ice and tinted barriers.

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