I am developing a new game

So I’m making a new game called build to survive but I need a couple of things. There’s a wave system so after 1 minute the wave ends and the players get a resting period of a minute. But I need help with a wave system, making it so it takes away items during the wave, and giving back their blocks during the building perid. Im currently busy so I can’t resoond or answer questions. (I would also like an overlay timer)


Can you explain what is happening during the wave? Currently im getting survivor.io vibes but that doesn’t fit with the building theme


Hmm, well for the time you could just use this guide:
How to make a colon-separated timer (Difficulty: 🟨)

Then for the wave when the counter reaches the target value (of 0) it activates a negative item granter set to the building blocks so it will take it away when it starts.
Then maybe if you make a timer for how long the wave will be when that timer ends just activate a item granter that grants the blocks. (If you want the player to have the exact amount of blocks as before just make a property that tracks how many blocks the player has and make the item granter grant that using block code)


basically the wave thing is when the zombie team comes out

if all of them get eliminated or 3 minutes is up they go back to their spawn and the players can rebuild their defenses for a minute

Overlay with block code that runs on a channel (or on triggered)
Block Code:
set property time_till_wave to get property time_till_wave + 1
Set text create text: "Next Wave: "get property time_till_wave
if time_till_wave > 59 then
broadcast - start wave
set time_till_wave to 0
Connect to a trigger loop

Just the concept as you would need two overlays (one for each state of the wave) so you would have to show and hide the overlays as wells as stop and begin the trigger loops.

There is a better method but is a little more confusing and I was just going through my unfinished drafts so sorry if you don’t need this anymore

i have a method to take away items then give it back, but it is super complicated…
Ok, you bassically need a property to keep track of every block u have, then ko the person, then give the person back all the blocks using the data in properties.
I can give real demo but need to know how do the people get the blocks…
oh wait, is there a way to detect when someone uses a block…
(idont think so)

if not, this method is broken

You can use IIMs to keep track of how many of each item they have in a property. Next, when you want to remove, just save that property as another property, and clear them of that. After the wave, use the item granter’s block code to grant back the items with custom amount, and the amount saved in the property.

so after the building period they save again?
Oh wait, we can use a trigger loop to constantly update the property on the amount of items. (right?)

what does it mean by caturnaut “snapping” sry just he is my friend

Yes, it saves after the building period. And the first property is automatically always live.

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Thanks for all the help!

Promise is- im still working on that fortnite map, so working on this I would probably do very, very later. But this helps set me up. If I need more help with the map, I’ll tell y’all.

Once again, really appreciate the help!

I think I know. Hide the sentrys and put like the counting thing then press the sentry’s and make them so they hide and then use wires and connect those to the counting thing and then make the respawn rate 1 minute/60 secs

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Dang it. it took me so long to comment that.

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