Hunger games map

im working on a hunger games map and its pretty plain so im open to ideas

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Ia there something specific that you need help on?

no not really but i neeeed ideas to ad to my map

Add some trees and plants around to make the place look more “natural.”

You could add blinking lasers and minigames which players compete in to win cash.

thanks for the ideas

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Also, maybe you can add a thing in the middle with resources.

Add the cave that Katnis hide in, in book one and add the Gold cornacopius in the ceter of the map withw weapons in it. and add a forest, open meadows and other things from the movie.

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Oh, and another idea, maybe one of the minigames could be floor-is-lava

This is hunter games, its a 4 book series, but I like the idea, I might make a map on that.

i don’t know how to add a gold cornucopia

Let me make one, and then you put a teleporter in front of it so when you teleport it brings you into a room that you can call the inside of the conucopia.

If you want, make the area look futuristic instead, so it’s like hunger games but with your own spin on it

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this sounds awesome, when ur done send me the code plz, you should also add secret rooms that give you better loot

Don’t post codes on the forum, post them on the wix or discourse.

Add crates with loot!

i meant like personal message me

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