How would i make it so when a player knocks out everyone else, the game ends?

So in this game, there’s the murderer and the 4 other people, the three ways to end the game is
1.for the others to kill the murderer
2.murderer kills everyone else
3.time runs out
I need help with how I make it so when the murderer kills everyone the game ends

Searh in search bar like everyone knocked out game ends.

Are there only four other people or can there be more or less?

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there can be more or less

okay but its difficult because the murderer isn’t one set team, its random
like its a different person each round

You could use this:
How to make a live player counter that ends the game at 1 player! 2/10 - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

I think that should work.

So you need a randomizer?