How to make game end when imposter kills all (+Kill Counter) [Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 ]

Hey! Tutor Illumerix here and I’ll tell you how you can make the game end when the imposter kills everyone (Plus an end game statistic that shows the Deaths!)
You will need:
Knockout Manager x1
End game Device x1
Property Device x1

Like my past guides, we will create a new block in the knockout manager
Our main end game evaluator here will be this block:
The main reason this is difficult is because this requires you to think a little, for each team you will repeat the code

Until it comes to this. Now everytime a player is killed it will add 1 to the kill count.
And our old evaluator will make the game end when the kill amount reaches five. The needed kills should be 1 less than the amount of teams. And here is our FINAL step:
Select your property and configure it to be this

And there you go! You should be all set!


Configure an end of game widget to be this to show the deaths at end of game

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Aren’t there already guides about this(No offense), and, they can also die when voted out…


I read those other ones and I found that 3 objects would be much more simpler, although those are great guides too!


Don’t forget these!


Again, I had my way of doing it and I found it to be much simpler rather than alot of objects I used 3. I do not mean in any way to try and overtake them or whatnot


Make sure to credit any guides you used!

I know, just replying to blizzy :slight_smile:

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I think they made that because they ran out of replies.
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Nice guide!

um you forgot the 1/10 (and everything above 5) option(s) but it’s kinda too late to change it…

Because I knew It wasn’t 1/10 and MOST definetly nowhere above 5

Also, you’re using a kind of outdated Difficulty Rating System because we created more because we have lots of guides.

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