How would I make a hold the point game

I want to make a game, where there are 5 points, 4 controlled by Team 1 at the start, and 1 controlled by Team 2, I need help with 4 things

  1. how would I make the points Solved

  2. how would I make a teleporter for when each point is captured (like if team 2 captures point 3, they can now teleport there when they spawn and team 1 can’t spawn there now) Solved

  3. how would I add a class system with popups (For mid-game class switching) Solved

  4. Trenches, where you have to climb up and down a ladder to enter and exit Solved

Try this guide!

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that will work for number 2, about the class system, would I just involve a lot of item granters?

I would say no, just use the infinate granter system and have it to only work in the zone, aka the flag area.

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so the zones or points are going to be in 5 areas (Shocker) 1 near team 1 and 2 spawn, 2 near the center, and 1 in the middle, so how would I do that

the zones and infinite granter

use when player walks in zone, activates the granter system,and when player leaves zone, system stops.

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how would I make the system, is there a guide on it

Yes, or at least a post, let me find it…

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Here , just switch some of the devices and it will fit to what you need.

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That will work

Number 4, I assume will be easy

Yeah, it should be, just user telporters.

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would I make some of the terrain walls?

What is the theme? medieval, sci-fi, etc.

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So, king of the hill?

Yeah, thats the vibe i got from it.

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WW2 ish

Ok, so dry grass, dirt, stone wall props, snow dead trees, those types of things. Walls shoud be the props that are stone walls.

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ok, the cover around the flags or points