How would i make a gun game, game?

I’m trying to make a gun game and I’m kinda new to gimkit creative so if any one could help with this i’d be grateful!

Here are some guides:
How To: Gun Game (:yellow_square:)
The Ultimate Gun-Game Guide! Difficulty 7/10 or :orange_square:

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Welcome @Austin_Texas Cool name, welcome to the fourms!

Thanks, means a lot!

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do you want a game that switches guns after a kill @Austin_Texas? also welcome the the forms

yes Im not really good with codes, i have made some games but they are not finished. just need to work out some stuff with them

there are games like that like dodgeball.

give me a sec to wip something up.

here, try this How To: Gun Game (:yellow_square:)

Thanks for your help! :grinning:

your welcome, make sure you pick a solution so this will delete after a while

will do if i have any more problems, i will post

great :smiley:

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