How to use blocks?

Help me with blocks or else exactly what the thingy says

Welcome to the fourms there are many guides on this but i cant specifically help you sorry. You should reach out to people like @WolfTechnology and there are a lot other people like @ClicClac


Welcome to the forums @Hi_its_me remember to read the: for the rules.
And for this problem read:

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**** aw man i wish i could find something good :frowning:

This page dosen’t exist though?? Please help me?

What about blocks do you need help with?

I don’t think swearing is allowed in the fourms. NM it is definitely not allowed in the fourms. One person got banned due to it with a username of a swear word and was suspended to Jun1st

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I understand the basics like if do thingies the whole essentials i am confused on round stuff and like trigonometry is where sin comes from i think (don’t know why thats there) and other stuff

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To be honest, you really don’t need to know trigonometry to be good at block code. I have never used it once.

Wait then what about the other ones like rounding how do you specify it and other stuff

Wolf is not a blocks expert in any way…

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The rounding block just rounds. You put in a number, and it rounds it!

Oh at I got confused by you and wolf. I meant you sry and wait he isn’t a block expert??

He’s a GKC superstar, and people here know about him more than they know about me, and possibly even you.

He is not. In fact, me and Wolf have an alliance where he takes all of the art problems, and I take take all of the device problems, because we are that bad outside our areas of expertise. Good night.

@Mythemi, I suggest using a guide and simply copying the code. You will gradually understand what it does as you continue to copy and practice. (I won’t mention names, but someone taught me this trick)

According to profile views, I think that’s true lol.

His specialty is art related things.


Oops the link was wrong

Here you go @Hi_its_me

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“Help me or else” :skull:
My advice:
Make simple things like a randomizer, then progress your way up to being able to make a colon separated timer


You should prob make sure the mark at the end is a “?” so people don’t think it’s a guide when they click on it…