How to travel around your map fast in edit mode

to start make sure you are located at the hub or spawn

to phase though walls:

read me if you wanna know

first go to the bottom left corner and click/tap the gear icon
not press editing options

and select the drop down box to turn player collisions in edit mode on/off

now place a teleporter

how to place a teleporter 101

first click this plus icon in the top right
now click devices
and type in the search box teleporter
when it comes up click on it and a menu will come up that will let you place it but clicking/tapping where you want to put it

once you have placed your teleporter click on it to enter the options
then put in this in group

now place another one
this time set the options to this instead (set the target group to a name for where you want it to go in this example I wanted it to go to a store)

now go to your desired location and place a teleporter

change its setting to the following (set the group option to the previous teleporters target group)

now to make another location place another teleporter in the teleporter hub area
I think you know what to do in this part

go to the area and place it there and blah blah blah

now you’re done wow
note that you can only use the teleporters in you have player collision on
also note that you should place them in inaccessible areas to prevent players from using them
again note that this uses groups (NOT channels)
here’s a gif thing for example


Or you could go to editing options and change the player speed to 3x without having to delete teleporters after. :slight_smile:
Otherwise, a good guide!


I guess you could do this, but it’s a lot easier to go into edit options.

A good optimization for this is using an “admin vent”

Basically, make a zone that teleports you after a certain amount of times entering the zone. ofc, make the zone super small and not noticable ofc.


How do you do that?

This is a good guide! Although every time I go into editor I ALWAYS turn on 3x speed, wider view, and be able to go through objects, this is definitely a good guide for people who dont want to do all of that every… single… time… of opening the game! :slight_smile:

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This is what i do when i’m in editing mode and i’m going to a place really far.

Nice guide, though!

Just delete them when you’re finished with your game.

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