How to track game time for each player? (Using timer?)

I am making a battle royale game and the score for the leaderboard is going to be game time. I set up a timer using a repeater and also tried one using triggers but it is only keeping track of one player. Also when a player is knocked out they aren’t even showing up on the leaderboard. How do you make it keep track of each persons time separately (and stop the timer when they are knocked out) and then put it on the leaderboard? Thanks for the help, I can provide additional info if needed.

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x2 Triggers
x1 Counter
x2 Lifecycle
x1 Property

First, configure the counter’s settings. Set the count scope to player. Default value is 0. And it update’s a property. Let’s call that property “ptime”. Now to configure the “ptime” property. Just set the property update scope, or whatever it’s called, to player, just to be safe. Set one of the lifecycle’s event to player knocked out. Set the other lifecycle’s event to game start. For the triggers, just make the active scope to player. Make one of the triggers(a) have a 0 second delay and the other trigger(b) have a 1 second delay That should be all for device settings!

Now you need to create a trigger loop! Wire one trigger(a) to the other trigger(b) [trigger triggered → trigger trigger]. Now wire the second trigger(b) to the first trigger(a) [trigger triggered → trigger trigger]. You’ve successfully created a trigger loop! For more info on loops click here. Wire the game start lifecycle to trigger(a) [event occurs → trigger trigger]. Then wire the other trigger(b) to the counter [trigger triggered → increment counter]. Lastly, wire the player knocked out lifecycle to both triggers. The wiring will be the same for both lifecycle out to trigger in wires: [event occurs → deactivate trigger].

Map Settings:
Now you just have to change the map settings. To get there, if you didn’t know already, go to the bottom left corner and click the settings button. Then click the map settings UI. Go to the score tab. Set the score type to property. Set the property to “ptime” and set the score name to Time Survived.

That should be all! Hopefully you understand it and I hope it helps you as well! If something doesn’t work just ping me or get some other helper out there to help you!
If you are a beginner (you don’t really seem like one) go to one of these guides:


Thank you so much! I’ll test it and let you know how it goes.

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It is still only counting one person on the leaderboard, and once a person is knocked out they are removed from the leaderboard. How do I fix this? Thanks

NOTE: I sent this on May 10 but I’m not sure if it went through so I resent it on May 13 when I checked after the weekend.

Yeah, it didn’t got through the first time. It could be a map bug, and recently scoring has been wonky, so I’ll get back to you in a week or so.

Ok, thank you. So you think it is just a bug on Gimkit’s side? Thanks

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It’s been a week. Do you know if it was a bug and if it was fixed? Thanks

have you tried testing it again?

Yes I did. It still doesn’t work. Is there a way I can inform gimkit directly about this?
I think that’s the email

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Are you 100% sure you did everything correctly???

pretty sure, but I will check again (I’ve checked a bunch of times)


thanks! I will contact them and update you after

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