How to switch a game from a FFA midgame to a Cooperative, then back to FFA

I assigned each player a property that was their team number, and then switched them all to one team, but I’m trying to figure out how to use the team switcher to switch them back.


You could make an if then block that checks the property and if it is at a certain condition the player will be sent to a certain team. For instance, if the property “team 1” is “true”, the block will transmit on channel to a team switcher.

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But wouldn’t that mean you would need 60 separate team switchers?


Oh I was assuming you were gearing it towards fewer players. From what I could think of at the top of my head, maybe you could find a way to make it so after a player is switched to a random team they can’t be switched again. Then if a player happens to be switched on the same team that another player is on, they will be sent to another team without a player on it.

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I was gearing this game towards maybe 5-15 players.

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maybe you could make something with repeaters properties and team switchers?

You could make a zone that can turn off all gadget fire and tags instead.

This could work.

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