How to make a player revert to their original team (🟩)

Ok. This is most likely my last guide before I take a break from guide making and actually spend a ton of time on my maps (ones that aren’t Monopoly). This guide is meant for when you want people to switch teams, but then revert back to their original team. This might be able to be solved with Psuedo-Teaming, but here is an absolute way.


Obviously, something needs to trigger the change. For me, it is being teleported somewhere. No matter what, wire or use channels to trigger a trigger. Then, in blocks, make this:

Then, wire the trigger to a team switcher, switching them to the desired team.


Get a property named teamproperty. Set it to these settings:


Now, get something to trigger the switch back. In my case, it is a button. Again, make it trigger a trigger. Now go to blocks and make this:

The beginning is broadcast message on channel and the text block is the last one.


Now, get as many team switchers as you need. When receiving on 1, switch player to team one. When receiving on 2, switch player to team two. So on as much as you need.

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As always, this is @Here_to_help, Happy Gimkitting!


Great guide, @Here_to_help!


Nice guide, @Here_to_help!

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Cool Guide, @Here_to_help!

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Lol we commented at the same time, basically saying the same thing.

Thanks so much! I literaly thought of this because I needed it for my game and was like:
I should make this a guide.

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But this is actually a great guide. I need this for my game!

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Not the only one. Why do you think I tried to make it. FOR MY GAME!

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Nice guide, @here_to_help! However, you could save hundreds of memory by just psuedo teaming, and then just taking the item away from the player…


I think here to help said they disliked psuedo teaming. Maybe that is why they used team switchers?

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Nice guide @Here_to_help!


wow, nice guide @Here_to_help!

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24 days later!? darn.



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