How to sniper scope? i need help

How do i have it when a player presses a button on the screen they slow down and get a damage boost but when you press the button again that stuff ends?

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No like a sniper scope, i have it to where you can slow yourself down but can’t get back to regular speed.

This isn’t exactly possible, but if we think theoretically we could make something where you have a damage boost, but you cannot see as big.

Theoretical, but not memory worth-it and/or game safe (might crash)

Ok, well if they use some sort of game overlay to trigger “scope”, then we can give them a damage modifier. Then, we use camera view to make their view smaller. However, the camera view needs to move with them. However, camera view works in a zone, so we need to subsitute by putting zones everywhere. They also all need to be the same size. However, we need to activate and deactivate all of the other camera views, so that the one they are in the center of is the ‘active’ camera view. Now, we have to make some sort of coordinate grid. I would suggest triggers or zones, but you could also make a laser beam grid. This would update properties, and using complex block code, you could make it so that the correct camera view is always active. However, I wouldn’t suggest anyone doing this because it would be terrible.

In short, yes, but no. But mostly no, so don’t exactly attempt this, unless you have infinite memory, five star wifi, and way too much ambition. So I guess no sniper scope.

I think they were talking about only having more damage and slower speed, not functioning like an actual scope

Oh, oops. I think I read it wrong. I read

Basically, when activated, you need to have a speed modifier and damage boost activated. then, deactivate them with a different button (i think, i havent tested this)

Not activated, just broadcast.

Yes that what i did and i some places a view thing so you can see father.

a camera view can only limit your view it does not increase it

Well, if we use the camera view system I talked about in my first post, we could have it on at all times, and the “view farther” just turns off the system, making it appear to see farther.