How to show how many people are left in a game

Credit to @kyro and @Lolo for the detecting part and @Gimator for the basic overlay part.

Now with that all aside lets begin
Sources for the stuff I didn’t make

[UPDATED, CREDIT TO @kyro] Detect the number of players in your game! (Difficulty: :blue_square: )
Where @Gimator helped me with the basic overlay stuff
Can someone help me make a game overlay to show how many people are left in the game [resolved]

Items needed

End game

First step

First you want to wire the lifecycle to the relay with the only two settings there

Then wire the relay to the counter with these settings

Second step

This part and the next is slightly harder as it involves blocks and properties. Any ways start of by setting the counter to update a property with a name like “players left”. Then set the property to these settings

Make sure to have it send a channel out when it changes

Third step

Now open the overlay and change it to these settings

(Note how I have nothing in the text spot)
Then go into blocks and select when receiving channel _______ (the blank is for the channel. For the first one make it say this

(There is a set text at the start)
For the second block (you heard me) Set it to

(I made a second block so that the first one doesn’t crash)

And then Oh wait you’re done

Please give me feedback becuase this is my first guide


There are already many guides on this. Please search before you post. It’s not bad at all it’s just a repeat. It’s fine since it’s your first guide but please keep this in mind. Great job! (quite a few people don’t reference sources so I’m glad you did that too.)

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I know but I used those guides and little of my own brain to make an overlay to show how many people are left.

And that’s already been done. It’s a good guide, like I said above, but a repeat. It’s great work and hope to see a bunch of great things from you.

Not trying to be rude but I did search to see if anyone did it before me I and didn’t find anything.

Ok, I’ll respect your search. My thought process was: “it’s VERY similar to something I’ve seen so I’ll say something…” sorry if I sounded rude…

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Could you maybe credit me for showing you how to do this I also did you use the guide I showed you because this doesn’t even update and that’s why I put that guide.

Just edited the guide to give you credit.

Thanks but also the 1 player left thing will not work unless you use a repeater and wire it to the relay and then wire the relay to the counter or something like that just use the guide I showed you and then add an overlay. Also this is the guide I linked last time How to make a LIVE player counter 🟨

Sorry man I didn’t see that link when you helped me.

I guess my version can’t end the game automatically and not detect when someone leaves becuase other than that everything else works in my version.