Can someone help me make a game overlay to show how many people are left in the game [resolved]

I used lolo/kyro’s tutorial to detect players in the game for my battle royale and wanted to display it so that the players would know how many people are still alive. I tried using properties and overlay but it just won’t work.

I will find out how to do it and tell you

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Thank you so much. I’m trying to finish the map before the end of next week and this would help.

Place a lifecycle and a relay wire them together like this

then place a counter and wire it to the relay like this

then place a property and name it Number of players and make it a number property then make your counters settings under property this

now place a game overlay and click blocks and make a new block with the channel number then make the block look like this

finally click on the lifecycle and make your setting this

that is it good luck with finishing your map!
Should I post this in the Community Made Guide lines?


Thanks a lot. I believe you should as it would help lots of people.

Also quick question. Could this work with saying like _ players left because that’s what I was trying to do in the first place.

sure I will try to do that and then I will make it a guide

Alright, and thanks again it really helps.

no problem

Can’t wait until the guide come out

you could just use this guide I found How to make a LIVE player counter 🟨 tell me if you need anything else.

but if you want it on a notification then I think you do what it says on that guide and then use blocks to find the players name and it should work

Ok I’ll do that. Let’s hope I can finish before next week.

I will play your game once it’s done.

Thanks man any plays would help me out

what’s your game name also did it work?

I don’t know yet and I haven’t tried I’ve not been on my map in a few hours. I wil try it though.

I have to go somewhere so I’ll try it once I get back

oh ok

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