How to recreate Breaking Point into Gimkit [3/10 🟩]

What is Breaking Point?

Breaking Point is a Roblox Experience where players sit by each other on a table as someone is randomly picked to Eliminate a player every turn, either people know who eliminated who or they don’t. It’s the selected players choice.

Alright, let’s get started.

Map Options

Set the player health and shield to 1. Also set it to not show the health and shield bar.

Room Design

Place a Table Prop somewhere in your map.
Then, put some spawn pads around your table prop, like this:

Set the table to have no collision, and set the spawn pads to be visible in game.

Game Start Events

Place a lifecycle that Listens for Game Start, And set it to broadcast on the channel “StartNextRound”, Place a Speed modifier that sets the player speed to 0.00, place a relay which relay audience is All Players. (Wire the lifecycle to the relay (Event Occurs - Trigger Relay) then the relay to the speed modifer (Relay Trigger - Set player to configured speed)

The Player Decider Mechanism

Place a relay that has a relay audience of a random player and relays when receiving on “StartNextRound”, Place a Popup that has a header text that says “Choose Knockout Action” and the Content Text says “Choose the way you would like to knockout a player.” Set the Primary Call to Action to say “Public” And the Secondary Call to Action to say “Hidden”. Wire the Relay to the Popup (Relay Trigger - Open Popup)

Granting the Weapon

Place a item Granter and set the item to grant to any weapon you like (Ex: Slingshot)

Wire the Popup to the item Granter (Popup closed - Grant Item)
From there the player can knockout any player they like.

Lights Out

Get out a relay device and set it to all other players as the relay audience, set the relay channel to be “LightsOut”. Wire the Popup to the Relay (Secondary Call to Action Clicked - Trigger Relay) Create a big black barrier that covers the table and spawn pads. which alpha is a 1.00. Set it to be inactive when the game starts, have no collision, activate when receiving on “LightsOut” and deactivate when receiving on “LightsOn”.

Starting the Next Round

Place a lifecycle device that listens for Player Knocks Out. Place a Item Granter in which it takes away the weapon the selected player has (Ex: if they had the slingshot you take away the slingshot by setting the amount to grant a negative number like -1.) Get out a relay in which its relay audience is All Players, set the relay channel to “LightsOn”. Wire the Lifecycle to the Item Granter (Event occurs - Grant Item) Then the lifecycle to the relay (Event occurs - Trigger relay). Now, set the lifecycle to broadcast on channel “StartNextRound”.

Ending The Game (Most Complicated)

Make a live player counter that ends the game at 1 player.

Okay, I think we are done.

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Nice wip !

noice wip @JohanGim

Nice wip! I suggest that you try to add more images to make the wires more comprehensible.

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for the lights out id say add dark and light barriers

Nice wip ! What @Quimblo said is a good idea, using barriers to make lights out.

Cool guide!

Nice! Very cool, fellow robloxian!

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