How to optimize your map

Just some tips and tricks for optimizing maps and memory usage.
1:check for stacked props/devices
Sometimes you can place two props or devices in the same place deleting one will help your memory!
2:Optimize timers
If you have two actions that run at the exact same time then instead of making two identical timers just connect both to one.
3:Is there an alternative?
Sometimes you make device code that simply can be done with fewer devices checking guides and other sources can help you find and optimize device code.
4:Place better sentries instead of more sentries.
Sometimes having a hard sentry is better than having more sentries. You can change sentry difficulty by going into sentry settings and clicking on difficulty.
5: Do I have clones?
Sometimes you might have two systems that do the exact same thing. Merging those two systems can help reduce and save memory.
6: Use it twice.
In some cases, you can use a single device in multiple systems. And if that device is expensive (EX repeater) than you can save lots of memory.


Nice! Sharing optimization tips is always helpful!



Thank for this guide, I was having trouble with optimizing my map.

Thanks these are some really good tips!

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