How to make Tic-Tac-Toe in Gimkit (simplified version)

Here is how to make a tic-tac-toe game in Gimkit! This is pretty simple, and I would love to hear suggestions for improvements. So, let’s get started!
This is how it will look in edit mode:

First, make a grid, like so.

Then, add a zone and resize it to fit the box. Add a popup and connect it to the zone with a wire. Set the wire as: player enters zone > open popup.

Change the popup settings to look like this, using whatever 2 colors you want:

Then, add two arena flags, one red and one blue, and switch their settings to not visible when game starts. Switch to the availability tab on the first flag and fill in show prop when receiving on with the first call to action channel on the popup (see above image). Do the same with the other flag, but with the second channel.

Repeat this for every square on the grid, making sure there are separate channels for each flag.You should soon have this:

Looks like a mess right?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s actually much more simple than it looks, just repeating the same thing over and over with different channels. Add a spawn pad at the bottom of the grid for the players to start at, and you are done!

When playing, this should come up when you walk into one of the squares:

If you want to mark it as a blue square, click blue, and if you want it to be a red square, click red. In this example, I clicked blue.

You can play this game with a friend, and see who gets 3 in a row first!! Please give me your feedback and ideas for improvement!

I came up with this myself, but I don’t know if someone had this idea before me.


ClicClac already made it. Search it up.


sorry but this is a dupe

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Ok, thank you for telling me, I might put them in the credits, but mine is simplified version…

yeah it’s fine just remember to credit :smile:

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good guide! just as @Foxy said, Remember to credit :slight_smile:

(I’m glad not everybody is leaving)

I wouldn’t credit those other guides since they had nothing to do with this other than being a tic tac toe guide. Instead, perhaps you could suggest more complex guides for this game then link them.

It’s sort of the same thing, but the phrasing makes a difference.


One thing- You could make a button that says “Clear Board” That makes all of the flags disappear.


This isn’t really everything in tic-tac-toe. What about the winning, and the turns, and reseting the round? Also, you can place a flag on the oppisite color of your color, and you can place two flags.

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Cool guide!

Don’t forget to credit and blah blah what they said up above…

Maybe you could make a rock paper scissors guide? Since it’s on the same level of cool fun mini game! Also the first one.

I wasn’t even the second person to make TTT in Gimkit. Personally, I really like this guide, and would like to see more people put their spin on making games like these.


Casually forgets I speedran tic tac toe on GKC day 2 lol

Oh you meant guide haha


mb @Blackhole927 and @ClicClac I meant a guide.

mb, clicclac, mb, sorry for everything

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Ok, thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely consider adding them! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Try doing something original next time Nich Guide.

Maybe I’ll add some AI and put a guide on it.
Unlike chess, Tic-Tac-Toe is pretty simple, and can even have difficulties with under 3% memory in theory.

Basic AI:

  • Randomly places

Medium AI:

  • Places randomly except for when AI has 2 in a row or player has 2 in a row.

Hard AI:

  • Always places perfectly

Though really, this is more of an algorithm.


Oooh, has anyone tried chess? I would like to see it… and how complicated it is!

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I still mean guide. Caviare3D made a TTT guide before I did.

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I don’t think anyone has finished it

Blackhole and jjnitzan are kinda sorta racing to make chess first. It isn’t easy though.