How to make Tic-Tac-Toe in Gimkit (simplified version)

ClicClac, I looked at your guide, and I have no idea how you debugged it! I would never be able to do that!


Chess will be hard to make, for sure.

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It just takes time and practice!


I’m pretty sure I figured Chess out. ClicClac

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Make a guide on it then!

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I’m still not done and it would be insanley laggy.

Approx. how much memory would chess take?

Go ask Blackhole to check his map! I have no idea, but would guess 20-40%.

It all depends on how memory efficient you are and how in-depth you get into the game

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@ClicClac what the button limit?

Nice guide! :memo:
It’s very good, and not bad for a first Community Made Guides guide!

Thanks, California_Love!

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Oh, didn’t see it. mb…

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How? I wanna hear this.

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If chess is solved, that would be amazing.

Chess I feel would be maybe easy to do,

but here’s why it’s not.

It’s extremely time consuming, and there’s a lot of planning to do. It strains your brain pretty much of all it’s ever known of GKC to a pulp until you finish. Finished? Cool. You can brag that you developed it for hours on end. Didn’t finished? You have a failed project that has the urge to make you finish this.

But I also would like to hear this. It would be pretty cool on how chess would function in GKC.

Well my first Idea is to use a checker button system but There might be some problem I’ve done half of it so far.

button limit is 300

Thanks I can use trigger when I run out of buttons.

Bruh, so many replies! Every topic has at least 10 new replies in at least six hours! :speech_balloon: Guess I’ll have to do some more reading! Using the show prop method is great, and it works extremely well!

So you’re going to use a button-checker system to check for every single move possible?

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