How To Make The Strongest Battlegrounds In Gimkit 👊

I usually don’t do posts and tutorials on GKC, but after using it for a little, I managed to make a shocking discovery. (this is going to use a lot of damager devices.)
It is very much possible to make a battlegrounds game in Gimkit creative following the new update. so, sit back, relax, get yourself some lays chips and cookies, and enjoy the guide.
Anyways, lets start with the first character. my battleground game will be about just Gimkit in general, (but you can make it about anything

Main Menu

Just make some art for a main menu. here is what I did:
Screenshot 2024-05-16 5.48.07 PM
Add a camera point and lifecycle. make the lifecycle event when game start.
Event Occurs → Activate Camera point.
make sure the camera point is in the middle of your menu art. it should look like this.

Add a game overlay, and make it a button. name the button play. make it visible on game start.
when the button is pressed, broadcast message “play.”

Go to the camera point and make sure it deactivates when receiving “Play”

Choosing And Making Characters

Make a lobby for when you click play. it should contain all the characters you plan to add to your game. add a spawnpoint in the lobby, so that way when you click play in the menu, you are automatically in the character lobby.

Start planning the moves for the game. ultimates are a completely different topic, so if you want to add it, add it. it would just be more of a bother. add a button that is called “Equip” and wire it to a game overlay. make sure the game overlay is a button, isn’t visible at game start, and the scope is specifically for the player. call the overlay whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. I called the move Normal Cut. make sure it is not visible on game start.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 6.04.36 PM
Now, we can work on the cool downs. on the game overlay, go to channels and make it so when the button is clicked, broadcast “Normal Cut.” make it hide whenever it receives the broadcast “Normal Cut.”
Screenshot 2024-05-16 6.04.36 PM
Then, wire the game overlay to a repeater.

Change the cool down to whatever you want. you can do this by altering the task interval to a certain amount of seconds. when the task is finished, show overlay.

Now we have a cool down system! we can now work on the damage and moves. using the new damager devices, we can effectively make moves! add a damager (for later) and add a relay and make sure the audience is for “All Other Players”
Screenshot 2024-05-16 6.15.00 PM
when game overlay clicked → trigger relay.
then wire the relay to the damager.(the damage is recommended to be 10 or 15, set the knockout message to anything.)
when relay triggered → damage player.
you can add special effects that effect the player in weird ways, but other than that, that’s the basics of moves.

Map And Weakest Dummy

This should be extremely easy. simply make a map and add a sentry in the middle to act as the weakest dummy.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 6.22.02 PM
add a teleporter anywhere you want. make sure that the button you use to equip the character is wired to the teleporter. when the button is clicked, teleport.

add a checkpoint on top of the teleporter so if you get knocked out, you don’t go back to change your character.

And that’s my guide! I hope you liked it. you can add more characters and moves yourself. I hope to see you soon :crossed_fingers:


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you can also use wingwave´s keybinding system for the start button (only works with the ¨r¨ key)

Sweet! Yeah, that could be really useful.

no problem
just make sure you make some way to deactivate the system once you´ve started the game
other wise it will be teleporting you each time you run out of ammo

This is a very useful guide, especially since this is your first community guide. Strangely enough, I was thinking about Strongest Battlegrounds a couple minutes ago!

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nice guide! I play this game a lot (and I’m bad lol)

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