How to make the ghostbusters firehouse(platforming)

so i have been making a lot of ghostbusters stuff so here is how to make their fire house

so first get some stone terrain and build this :point_down:

now we are gonna hide inside by using by zones and barrriers like this :point_down:

and now use channels on every barrier that makes it so when you when you enter the zone it hides the barriers and when you leave, it shows them.
now, add buttons,teleporters and popups to make and elevator shown on this guide :point_down:

or you can make your own can add your own stuff too like ecto-1 i made last guide
and that’s it! and remember if you see something strange in the neighborhood, who can you call…


Wow! That is actually really cool I like it!

this is nice and all, but its quite short. maybe go more into depth on the channels?
also, always remember that when making an art guide, ask yourself:

it it useful?
is it helpful?
is it needed?


come on, some people like this!

i summon @C-C, @California_Love and @Blackfox45666
to rate this.

I felt like those words roasted his guide.

you should add more pics and try doing the guide u qouted so it easier and understandable.

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speedy’s right but to solve this situation is a different story
but at this point you might as well just merge all your ghost busters guide into one and try to make it “how to make a ghost busters game” so it dosent get flagged

please don’t mention them for rating I don’t think they do rating don’t summon people let them come to you sometime

that’s a good idea because i already made one (aka gimbusters:gims unleashed)

It’s good… Could use a bit of detail though.

I dont mind being pinged…I actually enjoy it when I get pinged.

I agree with @Blackfox45666 Though. I’d enjoy seeing a complete Ghost busters guide with everything in it.

Overall, I rate this a 5/10… Could use quite a bit more detail.

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I’m going to quote you the next few times I see a
not so useful guide


:thinking: you summon people? That isn’t too nice…