Resources for ghostbusters

So since many people do like resorces for games like poppy playtime or bed-wars so i made one for ghostbusters. add more guides for people who would like to make this games:

your a member, not a regular. you cant make wikis.

yeah but i would like to help people make stuff :worried:

im not saying its bad, im just stating that you have the wiki tag, and recorces aren’t needed if there is only one guide.

there you go, i took it off

I thought we agreed to stop resource pages now that we can make tags

i didn’t know about that.

Maybe make the resources when we have more than one guide on the topic.

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it’s because nobody has made anything else about ghostbusters but me.

We don’t make resources topics anymore since we can use tags instead.

But there still is only one guide. California love got an entire baldis-basics tag by just making guide by themselves.

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