How to make the Admin Swipe Card Task in Among Us

Yeah I need killing and voting too

I have the killing thing done, Just ask @RickStachely he helped make it. Not the map though that was all me.

How did you do it?

So first you make 2 teams and make it to where only 1 player can be on team 2.

I have all that done

Killing can also be found here.

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Ok, then you add the player spawner and make it to were only team 2 player spawns there.

Or that works i guess.

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It’s a guide

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You can’t mark a solution for a guide bruh

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Hey I found out Gimcourse is unblocked and I used the wrong email lol I forgot “students” in the email so it sent to no email before now it works so I can share codes now just wanted to let you know becuase I had trouble before :smile: