How to make team tagging intervals like in tag domination

So you will need the following:
1x Repeater
1x Property Device
1x Lifecycle Device
1x Counter
2x Trigger
2x Tag zone

Get all these out before you start the steps.

  1. Wire the Lifecycle device to the Repeater (Event occurs - Start Repeater)

  2. Set the Repeater settings to the picture shown.

  3. Wire the Repeater to the counter (Repeater runs task - Decrement counter)

  4. Set the counter to the following settings (note: you can put any number for the starting value.)

  5. Back to the lifecycle, Wire the lifecycle to Trigger A (Event occurs - Trigger)

  6. Open Trigger A Settings and set them to be invisible and not trigger when stepped on.

  7. Create a new block that has a layout like this (Note: Input the name to be the name of the property device, the property device should also be a number.)

  8. Back to the counter, open its settings and set it to have a target value of 0. And don’t put any channel for when the target is reached.

  9. Wire the Counter to Trigger B (Target Reached - Activate Trigger)
    Trigger B should not be visible and trigger when touched by player to.

  10. Create a block for trigger B that has the following layout.

  11. Wire trigger B to the counter (Triggered - Reset Counter)

  12. Open 1 Tag zone and:
    Set the tagging team to 1.
    Activate it when receiving on transmit1
    Deactivate it when receiving on transmit2

  13. Open the other tag zone and:
    Set the tagging team to 2.
    Activate it when receiving on transmit2.
    Deactivate it when receiving on transmit1.

Anything you need to let me know? Tell me in the comments! Thanks and Goodbye!


Great guide @JohanGim! I bet a lot of people will need this since a whole lot of people want to make stuff that are in tag domination

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