How to make team tagging intervals like in tag domination

If y’all don’t do you know what I’m gonna say it

I’mma a say it for you: Let’s get back on-topic
I’m just saying, stats don’t lie.

Ok, anything related to this guide you wanna say about?

Oh, I didn’t even know what the guide was about so, “Nice Guide”?
Also, why does your CPU only have 7% left?

nice guide!

Is this still a wip?

Yeah, no, how do you change tags?

You have to go into the little title area…

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Gulg🫨 no way…

How do I look at stats?

Click on users.
Screenshot 2023-12-05 7.57.08 AM

I swear I clicked on it already but somehow did not see the stuff where you can look at stats i am a dummy.


doesn’t work, it never switches, and when im tagging and i touch someone, they tag me instead