How to make sprint button that doesn't require energy and stops after a certain amount of uses. 🟨

Items you will need:
Game Overlay
2 speed modifiers

First place down a game overlay. Put it as a button and name it SPRINT. Now wire that to a speed modifier. Button Pressed → Set player to configured speed. Have the speed modifier like this⬇️

Now wire the game overlay to a trigger. Have the trigger delay as many seconds as you want the sprint to last. Now wire the trigger to a second speed modifier except of this speed modifier as 1.00 speed.
It should look like this currently in the tutorial⬇️

Now to make it so you can only use it a few times before you can’t use it.
Place down a counter. Have the counter start at zero. Have the counter’s target like this⬇️

You can have the counter’s target has high as you want. For example on the screen it says two. That means you will only be able to use the sprint button two times. Now wire the game overlay to the counter. Have it like this :arrow_down:

Now wire the counter to the game overlay. Have it like this⬇️

It should look like this when done⬇️ (P.s make sure the trigger and counter aren’t visible in game)

And thats it for this tutorial! Drop a like if you liked it!


This is a great guide! Good job with the pictures, they add necessary details.


Great guide! I think that it would be great that if you added a part to make it unusable after a number of uses!


Yeah, he should probably just edit it and add it to the guide instead of making a new topic, it creates clutter.


Nice job!

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This worked very well!