I need with a thing on my map

I need help making a sprint button only last for a short time.

Try this guide!


Make sure you search before you post, @Buck! :slight_smile:

sorry I forgot about that.


your good, if you searched it up that was the only guide on that topic, and it does sound like what you asked for.

It’s ok, we all need to learn :slight_smile: Mark WolfTechnology’s answer as the solution.

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but how do I make it where it just has a cooldown instead of being gone forever?

When the sprint ends, make a repeater repeat sending on “Cooldown” which decrements a counter from x to 0.

ok thanks for the help.

you can make it to where they have to click it again to turn it off, im not sure if you can make it timed like that by having it be a button onscreen.

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